Best healthy takeaways in London

PropagrubBest healthy takeaways in London

Best healthy takeaways in London

Whether it’s the end of a night out or the start of an evening in, us Brits love indulging in a greasy takeaway more than anything. 

But as World Health Day approaches on the 7th April, it might be a great time to explore some more health-conscious options for when you just can’t bring yourself to cook at the end of a long day. 


If you live in London, you’re slap-bang in the middle of a perfect location for trying out new, diverse and healthy food options – so much so that it can get a little overwhelming!


To help you out, Propagrub has rounded up some of the best healthy takeaways in London. Your body will thank us later!


Farm Girl


With locations in Soho, Notting Hill and Fitzrovia, Farm Girl is all about holistic, fresh food and “damn good coffee”, which we can definitely get behind!


The brand was first founded in 2015 by Aussie girl Rose Mann who was disappointed by the choice of healthy food options in London at the time. Through mouth-watering brunch dishes and Instagrammable Australian bowls, Farm Girl has definitely turned things around, presenting some of the best healthy food and coffee on offer in London.


While there is the option to dine in, there are really no cons that come with getting takeaway from Farm Girl, apart from missing out on the sites’ stylish, modern interiors. The bowls arrive at your door looking just as photogenic as what you get in the restaurant.


Menu highlights include the farm bowl, top-notch avo toast and the smoked salmon scramble. Also, don’t forget to order Matilde’s donuts!


Locations: Notting Hill, Soho and Fitzrovia. South Kensington and Belgravia coming soon!




Maui Poke


Maui Poke is one of the lesser talked-about poke restaurants in London and we have no idea why! Based in Fitzrovia, Holborn and Spitalfields, Maui Poke serves some of the most authentic Hawaiian poke London has to offer.


If you don’t already know what poke bowls are, then get educated because they will truly change your life and add vibrance to your health-kick. Pronounced ‘poh-kay’, these colourful bowls of goodness derive from when Hawaiian fishermen would season the offcuts from their catch and enjoy them as snacks. Since then, poke has become a Japanese-inspired Hawaiian dish, often presenting a nice alternative if your sushi addiction is getting too much (we feel you).  


Having revised their recipe 28 (!) times, a typical bowl from Maui Poke will involve fresh marinated fish, fluffy seasoned rice and colourful toppings, making for a satisfying, filling AND healthy dish you’re sure to adore. 


Whether you’re already a poke addict or want a taste of this phenomenon for the first time, say aloha to Maui Poke for traditional-style bowls like Teriyaki Tofu or Huli Huli Chicken. We recommend adding their special crunch mix to the bowl for enhanced texture!


Locations: Fitzrovia, Holborn and Spitalfields




Pure is actually more of a shop with a kitchen than a takeaway, but that won’t stop us from including this yummy option in the list. 


With various locations all over London, you’re never too far from Pure’s handmade, nutritious menu for the perfect on-the-go meal. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or fabulous coffee you’re after, Pure really does what it says on the tin, serving up clean, healthy food, all made on-site and ready to order. 


Visit Pure for wraps, salads, incredible scrambled eggs and healthy desserts, accompanied by hilarious menu names like ‘When Harry Met Salmon’ and ‘Ham Solo’. The Choc’avo mousse is also a major highlight, trust us!


Pure is also an expert at max-nutrient fresh juices and smoothies, which are made and bottled on-site every day. 


If you don’t fancy taking away, this eatery is a great spot for dining-in. With free wifi, free water and all the plug sockets you could ever need, pop into Pure to work on all those last-minute uni assignments. And we’ll let you in on a secret – you’ll get 50p off coffee if you bring a reusable cup!


Locations: Baker Street, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street Station, Paddington and more.


Olives and Meze


Independently-run Olives and Meze is the ideal spot for healthy, authentic Mediterranean food. Based in Soho, this buzzing takeaway should be everyone’s final destination at the end of a night out, rather than dropping into the nearest fast food chain. 


What’s amazing about Olives and Meze is that everything served at the counter is made from scratch, whether it’s their hand-crafted chips or herbs and spices, which they go the extra mile in drying themselves. You’re guaranteed to leave with something fresh and kind to your body.


This affordable eatery is BIG on authenticity, from the owner Eddie, who was born and raised in the Mediterranean, to their olives and olive oil, which are directly imported from a family-run olive farm in Datça, Turkey. 


Olives and Meze is the best rated takeaway in Soho, and there’s good reason for that. We recommend trying the house special, a customisable “lunchtime feast” of protein and salad combinations from the counter. They also serve a number of incredible grills, wraps, and you guessed it, mezes, in a fresh balance of traditional and modern lip-smacking flavours.


Address: 40 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7LY




Grain Kitchen


Grain Kitchen is a small, independently-run casual restaurant located just down the road from Liverpool Street Station. With a focus on small grains, Grain Kitchen offers a vibrant and healthy global-inspired menu, packed with nutrients. 


The restaurant’s grain bowls are comprised of lesser-known and more traditional grains, creatively combined with colourful veggies, greens and meat or vegan-friendly options. Both Instagrammable and delicious, Grain Kitchen aims to leave people feeling amazing after eating, and they truly do not disappoint. 


As long as you’re into grains, there’s definitely a dish you’ll love at Grain Kitchen. Choose from the restaurant’s range of nutritionally rich hot or cold dishes and optional additions like beet-cured salmon and halloumi. 


What does Propagrub recommend? Honestly, anything that sticks out to you because every dish has a personality of its own. But if we had to choose, we’d order the Middle Eastern Jewel Bowl.


Address: 13 Harrow Place, London, E1 7DB


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