The Place for Foodies

We’re Propagrub, foodies on a mission to make food discovery easy and exciting for all. Chat, share food images, recipes, clips, reels, experiences and ultimately the love and passion for food.


Join an online community network of people who are just as passionate about food as you are. As a dedicated platform for all things dedicated to food, we’ll help you discover your next favourite meal. The ultimate hang-out space for: Food Bloggers, Chefs, and lovers of all things food.


Discover a network of authentic communities on Propagrub. Whether your interests are mainstream or niche, share and discover something new. Can’t find your community on Propagrub? create one!

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A Passion for
Independent Restaurants

At Propagrub, we’re tired of big brands supporting other big brands. That’s why we’re supporting independent restaurants and newcomers to set up on our platform. We want to support local restaurants to share their food with the community. Our space allows you to get your food into the hands of those who will love eating your food as much as you enjoyed creating it. 


Tired of having to over charge customers to cover your delivery fees? We promise no hidden costs. List your restaurant for just £1 per day (free for the first three months). We take 10% of each order and deliver your food safely to your customer’s doorstep.

By using Propagrub, you can pass on this saving to your customers.

propagrub delivery

Become a Propagrub Partner

Become part of the Propagrub family and share food with us!

Membership fee upon acceptance.

The Propagrub Promise 

All our chefs are trained to apply hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles to ensure food hygiene safety standards

All Propagrub Chefs have completed the following:

✓ Registered with company’s house

✓ Register with local authorities 

✓Have had a home inspection and received a hygiene rating of minimum 4 

✓Achieved a level 2 hygiene certificate 

✓Met Propagrub’s food handing and Covid-19 procedures 

propagrub chef
propagrub car