Propagrub FAQ,s Coin

Propa Coins are our virtual currency within the Propagrub ecosystem. You can use your coins to award your favourite posts and comments. We'll be adding new features and ways in which you can spend your coins in the near future.
Giving somebody a Propa Coin reward is simple! Click the 'Present Icon' within the Propagrub app (this is located at the bottom right of each post or the bottom middle of each comment) Once you click the icon, chose your reward you would like to award and confirm!
If you buy coins you will always have a balance associated with your Propagrub account. You can view your balance by clicking 'Propa Coins' in your profile and selecting the wallet icon in the top right.
You cannot transfer your Propagrub coin balance across usernames at the moment.
You can win free coins via the 'gift box'. We may also run competition's across social media whereby you can participate to win rewards or coins.
At the moment 'Propa Coins' do not relate to any cryptocurrency, we will update you in the future if this changes as we work on our own cryptocurrency launching in 2022. Please be vigilant of scams and fake accounts, Propagrub does not have a cryptocurrency live at current.
The daily wheel is your chance to win free prizes! From points to awards and free food, Propagrub will be updating the wheel with new items as we expand. Rewards may have an expiry date, this will be stated clearly when the prize is gifted to your account.